Player-turned-coach Jenny Lui keen to keep on learning as part of Premiership Rugby Scholarship Programme

Boston is a great American sporting city but Jenny Lui is heading to English shores to learn the rugby ropes on the Premiership Rugby Scholarship Programme.

The former USA Women star and Massachusetts native has done it all on the international stage, whether it be as a player or a coach.

Now the assistant coach for Team USA, Jenny has both learned under and coached the best in the continent but says she still has so much to soak up from English rugby culture.

“I learned about the programme from Laura Miller [a 2018 participant], who gave a glowing recommendation and told me to apply,” she said.

“I want to do a few things when I’m over in England – firstly, I’d love to meet all the other American coaches and build up my network.

“It would also be fantastic to increase my knowledge of the game – how they do things over there – and be in a position to bring that back home.

“It’s about learning and seeing things in a different way – and combining that new information with my past experience.”

Jenny is part of a cohort of coaches travelling from the US to the UK for the once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn about coaching techniques, video analysis and team cultures from those who do it day in day out at Premiership Rugby clubs.

The initiative is run by Premiership Rugby in partnership with the Friends of the British Council and USA Rugby and aims to grow the sport in the US.

Coaches will also learn about and engage with Premiership Rugby’s award-winning community programs that use rugby as a tool for social change, covering all methodologies used in these life changing initiatives.

Coaches will gain insight into various ways Premiership Rugby clubs are engaging their players, fans and communities to instil the core values of rugby.

Jenny has seen both sides of the coin as a player and coach and feels session with Harlequins, London Irish and Saracens will offer another perspective on the game.

She added: “What I learned as a player and a coach were so different – my experience helped me understand the game from a different perspective.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to be selected and a brilliant opportunity – I’m really looking forward to the rugby coaching I’ll get over there.”

Click here if you are an American coach and would like to win a Premiership Rugby Scholarship. Our next trip will come to the UK in November.